Add-on for true visual compositing in Blender

If you enjoy using photo editing apps, you will love the Enrich add-on

Enrich add-on allows you to complete the post production of your render visually with features such as layers, presets, effects and much more directly in Blender

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Presets Galore

The largest collection of photo styled presets for Blender

Presets are like image filters that can be combined to add a unique look to your render. You'll be surprised with the flexibility that presets provide in finding the best look for your render.

What's included

Full Enrich add-on

You get the full Enrich add-on ready to use with Blender version 2.93+ and 3.0+. The add-on is compatible with both Eevee and Cycles Rendering Engine.

Default presets pack

Enrich add-on comes with a pack of pre-defined looks called Presets that allow you to quickly try different styles on your render.

Video documentation

You will be getting complete video documentation which will help you in every way to use the Enrich add-on. You can also contact me for specific problems.

Future Updates

Enrich add-on is just a one-time purchase. You will keep getting all the future updates of this add-on for free. This means you don’t have to pay anything for the updates.

Layer-based workflow 🎉

Enrich 2.0 introduces a new layer-based workflow in the form of "Effects" that makes it easier than ever to combine different styles, presets together. Each Effect comes with a dedicated set of controls for easy customization.

Introducing Masks

Enrich integrates the Cryptomatte feature of Blender for quick and easy masking of effects. This allows for fine grain control over your image. This is compatible with both Cycles and Eevee rendering engine.

No lock-in 🔓

Enrich does its magic in the background using the existing nodes in Blender’s compositor. Thus, it does not lock you in to using just the Enrich add-on. You can easily open the compositor to make changes and share .blend files with people who don't have the Enrich add-on.

Categories, Searching, and Favorites 🔍

Enrich has a vast set of filtering options to better organize the large collection of presets and effects. Easily favorite your commonly used presets and install your own presets in Enrich with a click of a button.

Here’s what people think about Enrich

As a post-processing front-end for Blender’s node editor, Enrich is a very welcomed addition. It works like a filter engine that many of us are familiar with from Instagram, Google Photos, etc. It’s so useful for the majority of my compositing situations where I essentially just want to throw a filter on my render rather than hooking up a bunch of nodes.
Kent Trammell
3D Artist / Lead Instructor, CG Cookie
Enrich is one of the best compositing workflow enhancement toolkits which gives you unlimited possibilities to post process your artworks. Just truly amazing!
Pratik Solanki
Director at Weybec Studio


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Enrich is one of the best add-ons for compositing in Blender

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